Three Data Centers and High-Capacity Servers

Fast. Three Data Centers and High-Capacity Servers for Dangerous Goods, Chemicals and Hazardous Waste

When using a web system, we often don't realize that the web server may be located thousands of miles away on a different continent, which results in slower response times. For instance, accessing a high-quality European server from within Europe may entail 200 ms per web page while loading a page from the same server in the United States could take 1800 ms. The difference is small but unacceptable in light of our quality standards.

For this reason, DGAssistant has three data centers: one in Singapore, one in the Netherlands and one in the USA. Each center always has at least two working servers to guarantee availability and provide better response times. We're also careful to never overload our servers and we quickly add new ones when we detect a certain load threshold has been reached.