Share the Safety Data Sheets, Certificates and any other kind of Document with your customers

You can very easily upload your documents to the program and share them with your customers. You will be able to indicate if the document is private, in which case only users from your company will be allowed to download them, or share them with all your customers, or select precisely which groups, companies and work centers will have access to the document.

US 49 CFR DOT Transport Documents. US 49 CFR DOT documents for Hazardous Materials, Chemicals and Hazardous Waste
Any kind of document

You can upload any kind of document and include a description in order to give information about its content as well as enabling searches to be made among the defined set of documents. In this way you will always have these documents available for you and your customers. You can upload instructions in writing, safety data sheets, certificates (relating to driving, chemical products, vehicles, etc.). For example, you could upload the following documents:

US 49 CFR DOT Documentation
Organization in folders

Moreover, if you want, you can organize the documents in folders to make them easier to use. You can create as many folders as you like, and move the documents from one folder to another.