DGAssistant is specifically designed for safety advisors

Safety Advising Software for hazardous materials. US 49 CFR DOT, IMDG, and IATA (Roadway, Maritime, and Air)

Unlike other companies, DGAssistant NEITHER OFFERS SAFETY ADVISEMENT SERVICES, nor depends on any other company which offers it. DGAssistant is an IT engineering company that has developed software since 1998, specializing in software for hazardous materials since 2004. We collaborate with safety advisors, never competing with them. Our mission is to simplify the lives of those who work with hazardous materials.

DGAssistant simplifies the tasks of the advisors or experts in hazardous materials of companies which transport or produce hazardous materials.

It facilitates external safety advisor services. You and your clients can use it with a special distribution fare. You can offer the service to clients of any size, thanks to our excellent user and account management on three levels : work centers, company, and group of companies.

It allows you to easily create hazardous materials transport documents (US 49 CFR DOT Roadway), Shippers's declaration (IMDG maritime - IATA aircraft), package marking and checklists (both US 49 CFR DOT, IATA and IMDG) for the transportation of hazardous materials and waste.