DGAssistant facilities for Dangerous Goods, Chemicals and Hazardous Waste

Our history

The DGAssistant Software company was founded with the clear idea of: solving the issues of professionals working with dangerous goods, hazardous chemicals or waste, through very reliable and easy-to-use software. This was our motivation when writing every line of code. It also makes us happy to do our bit in helping to make the world a safer place.

DGAssistant Software is the result of collaboration between three participants. EsteDigital Consulting, a consultancy firm dealing with information technology, the University of Burgos, and the best dangerous goods consultants.

EsteDigital Consulting was founded in 1998, designing corporate management software. After creating projects for large companies and financial institutions, it decided to specialize in dangerous goods and risk prevention software.

The University of Burgos, through its Office for the Transfer of Research Results and Transfer of Knowledge (OTRI-OTC), with the collaboration of members in the Department of Languages and Computer Systems, provided technological know-how and support for DGAssistant.

Even though we have ADR and IATA certified safety consultants among our staff, we are also advised by the leading experts in dangerous goods, with over ten years experience working with companies like Renault and Bridgestone, among others.