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Benefits for you

Our exclusive technology SmartDGAssistantTM saves you time and money by automatically applying the most favorable exemption in order to simplify your transportation requirements. Greatly simplifies the work of safety advisors and heads of companies connected to the transport, storage and management of dangerous goods, hazardous chemicals and waste.

First-class technical support will be available to you whenever you need it. DGAssistant requires no installation. You only need a web browser and an Internet connection. It is always up to date according to current regulations.

You can manage your goods and waste. In addition to outgoing shipments, you can also receive shipments of dangerous goods and create the Transport Document (Note), the Checklist and the Instructions in writing. It includes advanced features such as document management, data analysis and exporting data.

Technical specifications

Employing technology developed in research projects at the University of Burgos, experienced software engineers have focused their efforts on providing a very reliable system for you, which will be available at all times. It is also fast and user friendly. To achieve this, the most advanced technologies and techniques have been used, such as having several data centers, each of which features duplicate servers.